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About is the only place you can purchase picks online from ATS Consultants, the preeminent consulting firm in sports betting prognostication. Since our inception in 1992 we have sought to make high value, high quality sports betting information as accessible to the public as possible. is the product of that mission, an online e-commerce platform that is easy to use and with competitively priced options that allows any sports bettor the opportunity to take advantage of our superior information.

Unprecedented Results

Since 1992, we have won nearly 67% of our selections overall.

There are no shortcuts in this industry. Our unrivaled high quality and consistent results are the result of persistent hard work. We relentlessly seek to improve our people, processes, and technology. We make significant investments in hiring and retaining only the most experienced professionals and talented experts available. We spend millions each year in overhead and employ dozens of experts in sports, technology, and information science across the world.

There are no shortcuts to providing this quality of information. And we take none.

World-Class Customer Experience

At the time of our founding this industry was infamous for in-your-face sales tactics and harassment. It is our closely held belief that a good product or service sells itself and since our inception we have placed the customer experience first. We're here to provide you an unrivaled product and service that you want, our staff isn't here to sell you anything.

When you contact us during business hours, you will immediately connect with a real person. A highly knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous customer representative who is eager to help you with whatever you may need.