“Don’t gamble on sports, invest in it.”


Documented Results:

In The NFL We have Started Off 18-4 including another easy
winner on Thursday Night UNDER 49 Tampa Bay/Carolina 20-14:

2019 Preseason Lock of the Year Winner
with Seattle (-3) vs LA Chargers 23-15!

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Investment Programs

ATS Consultants offers 2 full-season programs; the ATS Lock Club ONE and the ATS Insider’s Club. While both programs have shown tremendous profitability the past 27 years, there’s significant differences, mainly the information. Meaning, how the picks are derived. The Insider’s Club selections are primarily based on handicapping, while the Lock Club ONE selections are information-based. The philosophy is that information trumps handicapping and our results prove that considering the numbers:

ATS Lock Club Historical Results: upper 60’s% to low 70’s%

Insider’s Club Historical Results: upper 50’s% to low 60’s%

Here’s a breakdown of our programs……………

As a member of the ATS Lock Club ONE service, you are getting the very best we have to offer. There is nothing more to buy and no hidden costs. We offer the ATS Lock Club ONE for all sports, including football (college and pro), basketball (college and pro), MLB, and NHL. Here’s a brief description of what goes into every single pick we release with the ATS Lock Club ONE.

World Class Handicappers: Over 200 years of combined skill, knowledge and expertise from a stable of champion handicappers makes ATS one of the most formidable advisors in the industry.

Information Broker Specialists: With a yearly fund of nearly $3,000,000, our brokers are constantly making deals and acquisition to acquire the best proprietary and game-changing information available.

Data Scientists: Using machine learning, building proprietary algorithms and constantly crunching complex data, our team of actuaries and data scientists are finding ways to increase predictability in sports and thus, increase ROI.

Oddsmakers: Insight and guidance from a slate of current and ex-oddsmakers gives ATS an advantage very few can say they have.

Outside Scouts and Contacts: An extensive network of affiliates puts “eyes-on” practices, scrimmages and exhibition games, as well as keeps it pulse on extended family and friends of players and coaches when possible.

College and Pro Player Consultants: Bringing insight to the outcomes of games from players who have been there offers unparalleled insight. Combined with personal relationships to active players (when applicable), this sensitive information can have tremendous impact on ROI.

Money Management Specialists: Constantly evaluating season, monthly and weekly ROI in relation with goals, our team can advise clients on an custom and 1-on-1 basis, the best plan of attack to achieve profit targets.

As a member, here’s exactly what you will receive:

The Best Picks we Release:

  • All the Locks of the Year
  • All the Locks of the Month
  • All the Locks of the Week
  • All the Parlays, Triple Crowns and Grand Slams
  • All Platinum and Smash games
  • All other Lock Club service games.
  • All post-season selections.

Complete money-management system on all picks released.

A personal account representative to handle your account.

Four easy ways to receive your selections:

  1. Traditional way (simply call toll free 1-800-772-1287 and speak with an account rep)
  2. Online Through Our Secure Website: www.atswins.com
  3. SMS Text Messaging (your plays will be texted to your phone)
  4. Email

For current pricing or for more information call 1-800-772-1287.

ATS Insider’s Club

When choosing a sports consulting firm, would you base your preference on somebody who handicaps games by looking at old stats and trends or one that can look into the future by knowing the present?

If handicapping games with stats and trends were that easy, Las Vegas would go broke. But it’s not that easy. Vegas and offshore sportsbooks make billions a year off bettors who lose from season to season. To ensure our clients not only win but stay with us year after year, sport after sport, ATS Consultants spares no expense to out-spend, out-work and out-smart every firm in the business to provide you with the finest picks. Our ATS Insider’s Club is a great example of a program that has survived for over two decades, winning between 58%-65% of the games released in all sports.

Whatever level of player you are, the ATS Insider’s Club is a great program that will suit your needs as a player. You’ll receive 2-4 selections each night, depending on the sport. We offer the ATS Insider’s Club in all sports including football (college and pro included), basketball (college and pro included), the WNBA, CFL, WNBA, NHL, baseball and arena football.

Each game is unit-rated under our money management system, with games rated from 2 units through the strongest play (5 units). The ATS Insider’s Club also comes with a guarantee for those who join the Full-Season Program: If you do not show a profit by the end of the season with the selections and unit-ratings received, the cost of the program will be funded to you in full.

Picks will be available through a toll free number (1-800-772-1287), via email, text or online (www.atswins.com) at least four hours before the game goes off.

For additional details, to ask any questions you have, or to enroll, please call 1-800-772-1287 or click HERE to purchase online.

ATS Horse Racing

Wouldn’t you like to win $5,100 with just a few $50 bets? If so, our Horse Lock Club is where you want to be – RIGHT NOW!

And best of all with horse racing – unlike sports – the profit margin is a lot wider. When investing 5 units into a race- the return could be 25, 50 even 100 units instead of getting back 5 when winning a sports wager. That’s the beauty of playing the ponies. Your ROI is limitless. And right now there couldn’t be a better time to play.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to know anything about horse racing to profit from it – that’s why you pay us, we’re the experts. There’s 4 reasons why we are the best:

* The best information in North America
* World class handicappers
* Deep penetrating connections
* Expert money management

We will walk you through each race, every day with our unique wagering strategies and money management ratings. All you need to do is to contact us each morning by phone or a computer, place your wagers and watch the money roll in. It’s that simple. Really, it is. All you have to do is take the first step and call us today at 1-800-772-1287 to learn more about current options and discounts.

About ATS

Welcome to ATS Consultants, the preeminent consulting firm on the planet. Since our inception in 1992, we have been ahead of the curve, always evolving through technology, manpower and experience while catering to all levels of bettors.

ATS Consultants developed an infrastructure that allowed us to deliver the most accurate picks in the industry, along with providing the best customer service. At the time, the sports gaming industry was known for in-your-face sales tactics along with harassing salesmen and our goal was to offer a much better alternative.

In 1991, Bob Chase and a handful of investors had a vision when they established the company. From previous experience, they knew stats and trends were not the best indicator to determine a winner. Crunching numbers in a computer using past trends and stats was only good enough to win around 54% of a card in any sport.

In the world of sports investing, performance is the barometer that one is measured by and ours is simply unparalleled. We have a proven track record of providing the most accurate and reliable picks to our clients by helping them navigate the changing landscape of the sports arena – both today and in the future.

We didn’t achieve our lofty status by taking shortcuts. Hard work and organization have been key factors in winning nearly 67% of our selections overall. We’ve helped thousands of clients surpass their financial betting objectives and goals due to the quality of our information.

Now almost 3 decades later, ATS Consultants spends nearly $3,000,000 yearly in overhead and employs over 200 men and women both inside our state-of-the-art facilities in Baltimore, Maryland and around the world.

ATS provides quality selections in the big six major sports including college and pro basketball, college and pro football, MLB and NHL as well as horse racing and NASCAR. We carry a variety of services from daily selections to full-season packages and we cater to the interests and needs of every type of sports bettor and will customize a program if needed.

Most importantly, our friendly, knowledgeable and courteous customer service representatives treat our clients with world-class care. Many of our reps have been with the company for over 25 years and can provide the guidance needed to maximize your profit.

So take a few moments to look through our site and if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at sales@atswins.com or 1-800-772-1287.

Meet the Team

Our whole team is structured around your goals and success.

Meet the people that make ATS the premier agency in sports investment opportunities.




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Craig Azhath, CIO

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Salvadore Ciro, Web Services


Punji Hajab, Statistical Analyst

Katy Glieb, Applied Data Scientist

Bruce Lardazebal, SQL, ERWIN

John Pen, Predictive Modeler, GLM


Jack Lyner, Scout Admin

Sean Richmond, Scout

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Thomas Larkins, Database Admin

Mike Lauler, Software Eng./Lead

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Donald Waire, Senior Analyst

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Tatyana Olkoff, Data Analyst


Renee Kyatt, Web Coms

Matthew Street, Intranet Admin

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Gwen Clinestone, Email Admin


Carole Willough, Travel Coord.

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Hong Kim, Mail Ops Manager

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